FOGSI proposes Thyroid test of every Women under National Sc
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Federation of Obstetric and Gyanaecological Societies of India (FOGSI) has made a proposition that as a part of the National screening programme, thyroid test of every women should be done to prevent them from severe thyroid disorders, the prevalence of which, is rising alarmingly in Indian women, especially women of child bearing age.

“Diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disorders are easy, but awareness is missing in common people. So, it would be beneficial for many if the government includes this test into national screening,” National chairperson of FOGSI’s Medical Disorder Committee Dr Komal Chavan said.

The FOGSI guidelines recommend that thyroid testing should be conducted at the first prenatal visit or at the time of confirmation of pregnancy. One of the reason behind it is that the Symptoms of thyroid disorders are non-specific such as fatigue, weight gain, constipation & it is highly difficult to diagnose it without testing.

The Nagpur Obstetric and Gynaecological Society (NOGS) and FOGSI organized a one-day conference on “Medical Disorders in Pregnancy” recently. Doctors discussed liver disorders, chronic constipation, heart disease, epilepsy, and infections during pregnancy.

“The message for women is that they should not hide any of their disorders from their gynecologist. Modern medical science has sustainable solutions for all problems. Even if the pregnancy is delayed and/or complicated, your doctor has a solution. Just discuss the issue with a doctor without hesitation,” said Dr Priyanka Kamble, NOGS president.