Face masks can be worn during morning walk or exercise: ICMR
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Face masks can be worn during exercises and morning walks as they don’t lower the oxygen levels in the blood, ICMR chief Balram Bhargava said countering unsubstantiated claims on the dangerous effects of such protective clothing while exercising.

“Covid appropriate behaviour and Covid appropriate festivities do not cost anything. It is the most cost-effective… The cost of a mask is miniscule. Washing your hands and maintaining distance are cost-effective preventive measures,” Dr Bhargava said during his weekly Covid briefing here.

“Regarding masks, there is more and more data emerging about masks being protective and preventive and as good as a vaccine. Data also show that masks should be worn during exercise as well. It does not alter blood oxygen levels, so it should be worn while exercising or walking.”

On 3 August, the Ministry of Health had issued a document on ‘Guidelines on Preventive Measures to Contain Spread of Covid-19 in Yoga Institutes & Gymnasiums’.

“Use of face covers/masks is mandatory at all times within the premises,” the guidelines said. “However, during yoga exercise or exercising in gymnasiums, as far as possible only a visor may be used. Use of masks (in particular N-95 masks) during exercise may cause difficulty in breathing.”

There are publications too that have clearly concluded against the use of masks during a workout.

Researchers from the Manipal Academy of Higher Education had in June noted that exercising with masks could aggravate chronic diseases.

There were reports from China early in the pandemic about a jogger’s lung had collapsed because of running in a mask.

In his blog on the Mayo Clinic Health Systems website, sports medicine specialist Jeremy Amundson wrote that considerations have to be made if masks are worn during a workout.

“For example, it’s recommended that you perform low-to-moderate intensity exercise rather than vigorous exercise while wearing a mask. This is because of the decreased airflow allowed through the mask that can affect breathing and your ability to properly regulate body temperature.”

Source: https://www.deccanherald.com/national/face-masks-can-be-worn-during-morning-walk-or-exercise-icmr-910911.html
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