Facial & Pedal Edema with Pleural Effusion. what might be th
Dr. Akshay Phalak
Facial & Pedal Edema with Pleural Effusion. what might be the etiology?
A 35 year old female presents with chief complaints of:
1. Swelling - feet & face
2. Breathlessness
3. Repeated episodes of vomitting & loose stools
All since 3 days
No H/O of cough, chest pain, fever with chills, headache, PND

Personal History
H/O Type 2 DM and HTN

Pulse - 90/min
BP - 190/90
CVS - Clear
RS - On percussion, dull note heard over the lower lobes of lungs on both sides.
Abdomen - Distended, dull note heard
Pitting pedal edema seen

USG: Mild ascites, B/L pleural effusion
T3, T4 - Normal
Urinary proteins (24 hrs) - 95.5 mg%
Complement levels:
C3 Normal
C4 Marginally raised
Urine Analysis:
Proteins - +++
Occult blood - +++
RBC - 30 to 40/hpf

What could possibly be the diagnosis?
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k●●●●●i a●●●●●●●●n General Medicine
Diabetic nephropathy
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Diabetic nephropathy
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Diabetic nephropathi leads to proteinuria or chronic antihypertensive drug usage ( amlodipine ) leads to proteinuria causes pedal edema.
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