Facial Palsy - What will you do ?
Lakshman Aridhasan
Facial Palsy - What will you do ?
A 40 year old lady who had undergone mastoidectomy for treatment of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media of Right ear last month, walked into the OP presenting with symptoms of Acute onset LMN Facial Nerve Palsy. On inspection, the following were noted : (see images)
*Loss of Nasolabial fold - Right Side
*Loss of wrinkling on right forehead
*Bell's phenomenon seen
*Deviation of angle of mouth towards left

What is the most common cause of Facial Nerve Palsy?
How can we manage the patient ?
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Dr. J●●●●●t K●●r
Dr. J●●●●●t K●●r General Medicine
Facial massage acyclovir 800 mg five times a day
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Dr. M●●●●h B●●●●a
Dr. M●●●●h B●●●●a Family Medicine
Most common cause is viral infection Best remedy is corticosteroid facial massage on affected side .
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R●●●t K●●●e
R●●●t K●●●e General Medicine
Idiopathic mc cause of facial nerve palsy
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