Facial asymmetry: A long-term complication of otitis media
Otitis media is one of local causes of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) associated complications such as suppurative arthritis and ankylosis. Published in the journal Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Cases, the authors report a case with history of chronic otitis media that resulted in restricted growth of the mandible, atresia of the external auditory meatus and facial asymmetry.

An 11 year old patient with history of recurrent otitis media on the left ear at 8 months. This was followed by pus draining from both the left ear canal and the preauricular area.

The patient presented with facial asymmetry which was characterised by deviation of the mandible towards the left. The mouth opening was good, with interincisal distance of 45mm. There was complete atresia of the left external auditory meatus (EAC).

The pinna of the ear and the preauricular area were scarred. Computated tomography (CT) scans showed complete opacification of the left external auditory canal, destruction of the bony wall of the bony EAC with several fragments of bone. The CT scan also showed unequal height of the condyles and degenerative changes in the left TMJ.

This case demonstrates that restricted growth of the condyle, despite normal function can lead to facial asymmetry.

Read about the case in detail here: https://pxmd.co/uCHJe
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