Factors affecting in-hospital mortality of non-tuberculous m
The incidence and prevalence of non-tuberculous mycobacterial pulmonary disease (NTM-PD) are reportedly increasing in many parts of the world. However, there are few published data on NTM-PD-related death. Using data from a national inpatient database in Japan, this study aimed to identify the characteristics of patients with NTM-PD and clinical deterioration and to identify risk factors for in-hospital mortality.

Researchers examined data from the Diagnosis Procedure Combination (DPC) database in Japan from July 2010 to March 2014. They extracted data for HIV-negative NTM-PD patients who required unscheduled hospitalization. They evaluated these patients’ characteristics and performed multivariable logistic regression analysis to identify risk factors for all-cause in-hospital mortality.

-- A total of 16,192 patients (median age: 78?years; women: 61.2%) were identified.

-- The median body mass index (BMI) was 17.5?kg/m2 (IQR 15.4–20.0). All cause In-hospital death occurred in 3166 patients (19.6%).

-- The median BMI of the patients who had died was 16.0?kg/m2 (IQR 14.2–18.4).

-- Multivariable analysis revealed that increased mortality was associated with male sex, lower BMI, lower activities of daily living scores on the Barthel index, hemoptysis, and comorbidities, including pulmonary infection other than NTM, interstitial lung disease, pneumothorax, and malignant disease.

Conclusively, researchers found associations between being underweight and having several comorbidities and increased in-hospital mortality in patients with NTM-PD. Preventing weight loss and management of comorbidities may have a crucial role in improving this disease’s prognosis.

Source: https://bmcinfectdis.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12879-021-06395-y