Fake Prescription of Ganga Ram Hospital’s Doctor Goes Viral
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A fake prescription on the letterhead of Sri Ganga Ram Hospital’s Senior Consultant is being shared widely with a claim that the doctor has recommended ‘home isolation’ for COVID-19 patients along with medicines like hydroxychloroquine, Crocin, and Cetrizine.

• Prescription advises people to take hydroxychloroquine (used in the treatment of COVID-19) once a week.
• Also suggests taking Vitamin C tablets, Zinc tablets, cetirizine among other drugs.


• The official Twitter handle of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital shared the image of the prescription and clarified that it is “fake”.

• Further the director of the hospital, too, issued a clarification stating that someone “has misused the prescription pad” of Sri Ganga Ram Hospital’s Senior Consultant.

• “In the public interest, it is hereby immediately notified that all these drugs can be given to patients suffering from COVID-19 only on the prescription of doctors because these drugs in some patients can cause serious side effects related to heart, kidney, eyes, etc. Nobody should take these drugs of their own,” the clarification reads.

• Sir Ganga Ram hospital authorities have dissociated themselves from the viral prescription. The doctor in question said someone misused or forged his letterhead, stamp, and signature.

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Source: https://www.indiatoday.in/fact-check/story/fact-check-this-covid-19-prescription-is-not-given-by-delhi-s-sir-ganga-ram-hospital-1688427-2020-06-12
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Disappointing news.
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