Fellowship program in Clinical, Preventive and Non-Invasive
India being the Diabetes capital of the world, happens to be at high risk of people being affected by heart ailments. Heart disease have become a common menace in India. Despite losing several lives to heart disease every year, India does not have enough cardiologists to manage the burden. The current requirement for cardiologists in India is 88000, while there exist only 4000 cardiologists. There is a serious need of skilled physicians who can bridge the gap in the demand of cardiology services.

The Fellowship program in Clinical, Preventive and Non-Invasive Cardiology (FCPNC) created by Medvarsity Online Ltd and Medanta Heart Institute, offers a unique opportunity to address the increasing demand of cardiology services and become a successful cardiologist. Immaculately designed, this program offers both theoretical learnings as well as On Job Training to the students. The program involves clinical training of 6 months in Cardiac ICU, 3 months in Cardiac Inpatient Wards and 3 months in Cardiac OPDs. Apart from this, the students will also receive 12 months of cardiac diagnostics training including echocardiography, cardiac stress testing, nuclear imaging and many other imaging methods.

The course provides textual reading material, recorded videos, live virtual classes, online virtual simulations and research methodology. The students will get an exposure to practical training in a leading tertiary care hospital and a fellowship certification will be given to all the students after the completion of the program. With a precisely rooted curriculum and highly experienced faculties, this program will be the game changer for your career.

To know more visit: https://fpcardiology.plexusmd.com/
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