Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery in management of
Blunt ocular trauma is an important cause of blindness and visual impairment worldwide. Blunt injury to the anterior segment can result in a variety of findings, including corneal endothelial changes, angle recession, sphincter or iris tears, hyphema, traumatic cataract and lens dislocation. Posterior capsular rupture can sometimes be found in the setting of traumatic cataract or lens dislocation following blunt trauma, but is rarely seen in isolation.

68 year-old man presented with complaints of left eye pain, blurry vision and photophobia after getting hit in the left eye with a baseball. He was found to have a posterior capsule rupture, as well as mydriasis and zonular dialysis without formation of intumescent traumatic cataract. Femtosecond laser associated cataract surgery (FLACS) was performed to facilitate creation of an anterior capsulotomy and segmentation of the nucleus without additional strain on the posterior capsule, facilitating placement of a capsular tension ring segment and a 3-piece IOL in the sulcus. At three-month post-operative visit, his BCVA was 20/30 in the left eye with a well-centered IOL.

Isolated PC tear following high-speed blunt trauma is relatively rare and prior reports have managed these cases using standard phacoemulsification and IOL insertion. This case highlights the advantages of using FLACS in management of traumatic PC tears and outlines modifications to this technique for such cases.

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