Fetal Cyst Reveling Retroperitoneal Enteric Duplication - C
Enteric duplications (EDs) are uncommon anomalies that can occur at any point of the gastrointestinal tract. Their reported incidence is about 1 in 4500 live births.[1] The small intestine is the most common location; retroperitoneum is an extremely rare site. In general, diagnosed in the neonatal period or during infancy, they are increasingly diagnosed prenatally; early prenatal detection is possible. We report a new case of retroperitoneal ED cyst prenatally suspected. To our knowledge, there have been seven reported cases of retroperitoneal ED cyst in the English literature.

Case Report
A female newborn, vaginally born at 39 weeks of gestation from a 32-year-old mother, gravid 3, para 3. Pregnancy was uneventful. Prenatal ultrasound at 22 weeks of gestation objectified an abdominal cystic mass located in the left upper abdominal quadrant, associated with fetal pyelectasis. Ultrasound follow-up showed the persistence of the cyst...