Fetal neuroblastoma: USG andd MRI findings in the prenatal a
Case report
A 25-year-old woman was referred to our clinic for a routine USG during the 29th week of gestation. Her past medical history was uneventful; in particular, there was no evidence of hypertension. The USG examination revealed a hyperechogenic nodule measuring 1.4 cm in diameter, located above the right kidney. Doppler USG was used, and there was no sign of peripheral vascularization to the lesion. The amniotic fluid volume was normal and the fetal development was appropriate for the gestational age. Follow-up USG was performed during the 36th week of gestation. The lesion had doubled in size, and the liver had enlarged, showing a heterogeneous texture. Fetal MRI was also performed on the same day. A round mass was identified in the topography of the right adrenal gland with a low signal on T1-weighted sequences and slightly high signal on T2-weighted sequences, measuring 4.2×3.4×4.1 cm, causing a slight inferior displacement of the kidney. The liver was enlarged and the signal intensity was heterogeneous, predominantly hypointense on T2-weighted sequences. Based on these findings, the diagnosis of congenital adrenal neuroblastoma with liver metastases was suggested....

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