Fetal radiology is rapidly evolving from a conventional clin
Fetal radiology is rapidly evolving from a conventional clinician supporting diagnostic approach, focused on congenital and structural malformations and serial growth assessments, to an inclusive, proactive, and holistic preventative and prognostic approach focused on optimizing therapeutic interventions and fetal outcomes. Multi modality sequential exams allow fetal radiologists to recommend and provide evidence based protocols for early identification and therapeutic and prognostic information leading to earlier interventions besides providing confirmatory evidence for the presence or absence of factors that may affect fetal or maternal well-being.  

However, these changes do not mean much if they do not translate into action for two major populations a) the vast majority of fetal radiologists who work in individual or small group settings without much institutional support and b) every pregnant woman irrespective of their Socio-Clinico-Demographic status. Changes acquire their true meaning when they are used by many for the benefit of many.

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