Few days back a post by a non medical person asking Kanhiya
Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi
Few days back a post by a non medical person asking Kanhiya Kumar to take an antacid (generic name was mentioned) was made public. This person apparently noticed Kanhiya had regurgitation during his speeches and suggested he take this drug.

After reading that, I wrote this small hypothetical scene. Forgot to share it so doing it now.

Disclaimer - For people who may take offence, hypothetical means imaginary or not real. Reader discretion advised.

Scene: Judge to Doctor after the Doctor has been charged for prescribing medications online to patient

Judge - Without seeing a patient, you cannot prescribe any medications

Doctor- It was just multivitamin pills?

Judge- It's illegal!

Doctor - But I did it as a friend

Judge - Oh! You mean to say like a non-doctor friend?

Doctor - Yes

Judge - Well in that case its fine. We can only stop Doctors from prescribing online. Not others

Doctor - Thank you. So I am free?

Judge - Yes, but remember, the next time you do this we will remove your practicing license

Doctor - Ok. But then wouldn't that allow me to advice medications online then?

Judge - Well, technically yes. Once you are not a doctor you can advice anything. I am on anti-cancer medications for a year, suggested by my uncle who says "Prevention is better than cure"

Doctor - (Winks) Gotcha!
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