First Coronavirus patient to receive plasma therapy, recover
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A coronavirus patient at Max Hospital in Delhi's Saket showed positive results and was weaned off ventilator support after he received plasma therapy, the hospital said.

Max Healthcare said the man, 49, was the first at the hospital to receive the treatment -- based on antibodies from recovered coronavirus patients -- on compassionate grounds.

The man tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus on April 4 and was taken to a hospital that same day. He had moderate symptoms and a history of fever and respiratory issues.

Over the next few days, his condition grew worse, and he developed pneumonia with Type I respiratory failure. He was given ventilator support on April 8.

Trials of plasma therapy as a treatment for the new coronavirus disease, known as Covid-19, have pointed to some improvement in patient health. It has been used to tackle other kinds of viral infections but is not without risks.

Over 14,700 people in India currently have the coronavirus, a previously unknown kind that was first detected in China but has spread across the world in a pandemic described by the U.N. as the most challenging global crisis after the Second World War.

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What is plasma therapy involved with during covid 19 treatment, any source of information to read about it
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