First PCR test for Oral Cancer
8,300 cases of mouth cancer diagnosed in the UK every year. 7 in 10 of these cancer cases start with white or red patches in the mouth (pre-malignant lesions). Only 1 in 10 of these will turn into cancer pre-malignant to cancerous—are happening at a genetic and chemical level, which can't be picked up by a microscope.

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London developed world's first PCR test for mouth cancer, easy and quick result (90 minutes). Test is named the Quantitative Malignant Index Diagnosis System (qMIDS) requires PCR machine and is largely automated.

Study of a novel multi-gene qPCR test on a total of 535 tissue specimens from UK, China and India. An algorithm calculates & converts a panel of 16 gene mRNA expression levels into a qMIDS index to quantify risk of malignancy for each sample. A tiny sample (the size of half-a-grain of rice) is taken from the suspicious area in the patient's mouth.

Potential application for dysplasia risk stratification with accuracy rate of 90%, identify patients with pre-malignancies that are unlikely to transform to cancer, so they can be reassured and discharged from hospital. High-risk cases could also be detected in the pre-cancer period and treated definitively with minor surgery. Better cure rates and quality of life, as well as a huge reduction in health service costs. A powerful tool especially when used in conjunction with conventional histopathology assessment