First coronavirus case suspect in Ahmedabad city
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The 28-year-old woman of Ambli village in Bopal had travelled to Thailand 10 days ago; admitted to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital

Even as sources said that the Gujarat government had been assured that people from the state who had been evacuated from Wuhan and currently quarantined at central facilities in Manesar were fine, two more patients suspected of having contracted Corona Virus (2019-nCov) are being examined by district health officials in Sabarkantha and Ahmedabad.

Officials said that these patients have been kept in isolation and physicians were currently running tests on them to determine whether or not these too are false alarms and whether it is necessary to send samples to the National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Pune. Sources said,

"We are testing them and if they meet current guidelines, we will draw samples and send them to Pune. There is nothing to worry about at the moment."

The patient from Ahmedabad, a 28-year-old woman residing at Ambli village a little way after Bopal, was first admitted to a private hospital on SG Highway with severe cough and cold. She was then transferred to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital which is the base medical facility for the district.

The woman and her husband have no direct relation to China but the couple had visited Thailand about 10 days ago. She started showing these symptoms shortly after returning to India.

Dr Gunvant Rathod, in-charge medical superintendent of Ahmedabad Civil Hospital confirmed, "We have a suspect case admitted to the hospital. Our doctors have conducted tests and sent samples for local testing. The patient is currently admitted to the isolation ward at the hospital."

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