First study of COVID-19 patients with diabetes shows that 10
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The first study of COVID-19 to specifically analyse the effect of the disease in hospitalised patients with diabetes has found that one in ten patients dies within 7 days of hospital admission, and one in five is intubated and mechanically ventilated by this point.

The study shows that two thirds (65%) of COVID-19 patients with diabetes admitted to hospital are men, and the average age of all patients is 70 years. Worse blood sugar control did not seem to impact a patient’s outcome, however the presence of diabetic complications and increasing age increase the risk of death, and increased BMI is associated with both increased risk of needing mechanical ventilation and with increased risk of death.

The CORONADO study analysed 1,317 patients admitted to 53 French hospitals between 10 and 31 March 2020. The majority of hospitalised subjects had type 2 diabetes (89%) while only 3% had type 1 diabetes, with other types of diabetes in the remaining cases. In 3% of cases, diabetes was actually diagnosed during hospitalisation for COVID-19.

Microvascular complications (eye, kidney and nerves) were found in 47% of the subjects in the study, while macrovascular complications (arteries of the heart, brain, legs) were present in 41% of the patients analysed. Across all patients in this study, by day 7 one in five had been intubated and placed on a ventilator in intensive care, and one in 10 had died. A further 18% had been discharged home at this point.

The study also confirmed that insulin, and indeed all treatments for modifying blood sugar, are not a risk factor for severe forms of COVID-19 and should be continued in patients with diabetes. Encouragingly, there were no deaths in patients under 65 years old with type 1 diabetes, but the authors highlight there were only 39 patients with type 1 diabetes in this study and other work is ongoing to establish the effect of COVID-19 in this specific population.

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A Confirmation of what has been accepted Clinically as the single most important risk factor for Covid 19 Mortality. This is eye opening. Unfortunately this study does not give any proof that a well controlled diabetes is of any significant advantage in preventing mortality. Hence, this is an extremely bad news.
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