#Flash: Increased Risk Of Hepatic Fibrosis In T2D Obese Pati
A study investigated the impact of diabetes mellitus on the development of steatosis and fibrosis for individuals with overweight or obesity. Participants included 834 middle-aged patients with DM and 3,007 without DM NAFLD. It was seen that DM significantly increased the proportion of individuals at moderate-to-high risk of fibrosis and in the high risk of advanced fibrosis group the risk almost doubled. Among individuals with obesity, DM increased the proportion of adults with moderate and high risk of fibrosis by 1.8 and 2.5 fold, respectively. DM had a minor impact on steatosis and it was predominantly caused by obesity. Individuals with DM had a higher risk of fibrosis than those who were overweight or obese, implying that screening is critical in adults with DM.

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