#Flash: Rare Case Finding: Mermaid syndrome with 2 Umbilical
A case of sirenomelia was delivered via lower segment cesarean section to a 24-year-old third gravida in a tertiary care facility. With the mother, no high-risk factors could be identified. The baby was born alive with Potter’s facies, lower limbs were merging into each other like a mermaid’s tail (hence called mermaid syndrome). The baby's sex was unidentified, and the urogenital and anal orifices were absent. There were two umbilical arteries in the umbilical cord stump. After 20 hours of life, the baby died. In the antenatal period, there appears to be no conclusive method for diagnosing sirenomelia. If a patient's AFI is continuously low without a history of leaking per vaginum, a high-resolution USG or color Doppler should be performed as soon as possible to determine the cause.

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For more detail please read here: https://www.ijrcog.org/index.php/ijrcog/article/view/10606