#Flash: Retinopathy is linked to CKD, CHD and ESKD risk fact
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Patients with Retinopathy had a higher prevalence of kidney disease and exhibited greater risk for incident chronic kidney disease, end-stage kidney disease and coronary heart disease. The retrospective cohort study involved 15,792 individuals. Researchers assessed the impact of retinopathy on CKD, ESKD, CHD and stroke prevalence. While 1,759 participants developed diabetes, 508 were diagnosed with retinopathy. Participants with retinopathy had higher blood pressure and fasting glucose but lower eGFR. Also, retinopathy was associated with risk of incident CKD, ESKD, CHD and stroke. It has been reported that the kidney and eye share a similar structure of the vascular networks, developmental pathways, and pathological progression.

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Source: https://www.kidneymedicinejournal.org/article/S2590-0595(21)00147-3/fulltext