#Flash: Thyroidectomy as a 1st-line therapy for Graves disea
According to a recent study, those who had a thyroidectomy as their first-line therapy for Graves' disease had lower rates of all-cause mortality and cardiovascular disease than those who received antithyroid medications or radioactive iodine. According to the researchers, thyroidectomy reduced the incidence of atrial fibrillation, diabetes, and hypertension, and was linked with lower 10-year health care expenditures due to a lower relapse rate than antithyroid medications or radioactive iodine. Researchers studied 6,385 people with Graves' disease who underwent first-line therapy with antithyroid medications, radioactive iodine, or thyroidectomy in a retrospective cohort analysis. Compared with adults receiving only antithyroid drug therapy, those who underwent a thyroidectomy had lower risks for all-cause mortality.

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For more information please read: https://journals.lww.com/annalsofsurgery/Fulltext/2021/06000/Outcomes_of_Graves__Disease_Patients_Following.27.aspx