For the 1st time, AIIMS's Mission DELHI (Delhi Emergency Lif
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Mission Delhi team under Dr Praveen Aggarwal, Head, Emergency department, AIIMS treated a 52 year old heart attack patient successfully at his doorstep for the first time in the country using clot buster drug (Thrombolysis).

Mission Delhi’s Emergency response room at AIIMS received an emergency call by CRPF Camp, RK Puram at 10:40 AM. Immediately, its first responders equipped with hi-tech gazettes and lifesaving drugs on their bike ambulance were dispatched the spot. It took under ten minutes to reach the spot as their bike manoeuvred through Delhi’s busy traffic. They immediately attended the patient who was having severe chest discomfort.

The ECG was transmitted to the doctor at control room and senior cardiologist at AIIMS. Within minutes, diagnosis of heart attack (Myocardial infarction) was confirmed and instructions for the administration of clot buster therapy after taking all precautions was conveyed to the first responders. By this time, they had already given him first aid and preliminary drugs. For patient and his colleague it was a mixed feeling of shock and relief when they came to know about the problem and also immediate availability of the treatment for the same.

Patient was given clot buster drug (Injection Tenectaplase 45mg) for immediate relief and was transferred to AIIMS emergency by ambulance for further management. Later on, Investigations revealed that his blood vessel to the heart has opened up successfully because of timely treatment.

This is first time in India that clot buster medicine was administered for heart attack at patient’s doorstep before reaching Hospital (Pre Hospital Thrombolysis).

Doorstep treatment of heart attack with clot buster drug has been tested successfully in developed countries with less logistics issue. However, in country like ours, logistics such as distance, traffic, availability of expert doctors and infrastructure is an issue, this strategy has potential to save lives of thousands of heart attack patients.

About Mission Delhi: Mission Delhi is an AIIMS-ICMR pilot initiative to provide care to STEMI Heart Attack patients. Mission Delhi is working towards bringing clot buster therapy to the doorstep of the patient using 24-hour emergency response system, tele-diagnosis through transmitting ECG of patient doorstep to consultant cardiologist at AIIMS and providing a bolus dose of clot buster agent on advice of cardiologist.

This is done through a motorcycle ambulance fully equipped with portable ECG, defibrillator, oxygen cylinder, clot buster drug (Tenecteplase) and other emergency medicines stationed at AIIMS. On receiving a call at Mission Delhi’s toll free Emergency Helpline numbers (1800111044 and 14430), the mobile medical nurse team is dispatched immediately for examining the patient, providing necessary medication/CPR, transmitting ECG to consultant at AIIMS. The pilot project caters to an area of approximately 78sq KM and 5 KM radius around AIIMS. The treatment under Mission Delhi project is free of cost.

Source: ICMR Press Release
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?excellent initiative
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Indeed excellent and welcome initiative.
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It is what our population required. But medico-legal issues must be checked.
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