Forced eruption of impacted and dilacerated premolar
The present case report has been published in the Journal of Indian Orthodontic Society.

An impacted tooth is one that is prevented from erupting to its normal functional position after root development. The obstruction can be because of bone, tooth, fibrous tissue or its abnormal position. Mandibular second premolar is the third most common impaction after third molars and maxillary canine with an incidence of approximately 24%.

An impacted tooth may pose esthetic, masticatory, hygienic and/or potential problems for adjacent teeth and structures. The treatment of impacted premolars can be challenging in orthodontic practice and more so for an unfavorably impacted tooth with dilaceration.

The present case report elucidates conservative management of developing horizontally impacted mandibular second premolar with dilaceration and significant deviation from normal axis.

A 9-year-old girl reported for orthodontic treatment and was diagnosed as Class I malocclusion with impacted tooth unfavorably positioned and dilacerated root. The case was conservatively managed, and impacted tooth with 20° dilaceration and 70° deviation from normal axis was successfully guided into occlusion without jeopardizing its vitality or morphology.

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