Foreign body from disposable cystoscope retained in urinary
Foreign bodies that are found in the bladder are unusual thing to see. The causes of urinary bladder foreign bodies (FB) are variable. The commonest one is the FB introduced through the urethra. The present case has been reported in the Indian Journal of Urology.

A 23 years old male presented with left flank pain on and off for a long time. On investigations he was found to have left ureteric stone and left ureterocele. After correcting the ureterocele and removing the stone a double J stent was inserted. Patient was discharged and booked for removal of the double J stent.

After 1 month, he was taken to cystoscopy unit. Under local anesthesia, a disposable cystoscope with integrated forceps was introduced through the urethral opening. While inserting the cystoscope there was no abnormalities in the urethra. Upon reaching the bladder the double J stent was seen coming out from the left ureteric orifice. However, while trying to grasp the double J stent it was found that there is a missing metallic jaw from the grasper which is 18mm in length.

So, cystoscope was removed, examined and found to have only a single jaw and the other jaw was missing. However, a new cystoscope was used and double J stent was removed. After removing the stent, an abdominal X-ray was done to the patienT. In which the missing part was seen. So, a reusable cystoscope was used to check for the missing part which was hiding under ureterocele flap and it was removed out.

Key takeaway:-
- It is always important to check the instruments that will be used in surgery before proceeding in any step.

- Many errors might occur while working in one procedure that will take to another procedure that can be avoided if a proper examination was done.

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