Fortis Hospitals performs city's first MRI Compatible pacema
Jayant Ramawat
Fortis Hospitals performs city's first MRI Compatible pacemaker on an 80 year old gentleman
Heart patients with rhythm disturbance or commonly called as Arrhythmia who needs to undergo a pacemaker implant can now opt for an MRI Compatible Pacemaker. Dr. Venketesh, Interventional Cardiologist from Fortis Hospitals Bannerghatta Road has successfully implanted the latest MR compatible pacemaker procedure on an 80 year old gentleman.

Before this procedure, cardiac patients with pacemaker was barred from undergoing any MR scanning as exposure to magnetic radiation can lead to serious complications in the patients. However with this newly introduced technological advanced implant patients can easily undergo MRI at any given point in time.
Mr. Rangan, an 80 year old gentleman, hypertensive for almost a decade was suffering from frequent episodes of giddiness and fainting. Upon diagnosis it was revealed that he had a complete heart block – a condition where the heart rhythms / beats are irregular and upper and lower chambers of the heart beat independent to each other. This disassociation of the heart beats led Mr. Rangan’s pulse rate go down to 28-30bpm which proved to be life threatening for him. Mr. Rangan was advised to undergo a pacemaker implantation to correct the rhythm disturbances in his heart. Considering the old age and the probability of the need to undergo an MRI in the future doctors gave Mr. Rangan the option of MRI compatible pacemaker. Eventually Mr. Rangan successfully underwent the procedure and was discharged from the hospital within three days and now is leading a complete normal life.

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