Frame rules for resident doctors within 6 months: Gujarat HC
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The Gujarat high court has ordered the state government to frame guidelines, rules and regulations to improve working conditions of resident doctors – the PG students in medical colleges, who are made to toil hard in inhuman conditions for long hours.

In an order released on Thursday, Justice Sonia Gokani set a six-month deadline for the department of health and family welfare to complete the exercise to frame rules and regulations to improve working conditions of resident doctors in government hospitals. The government has been asked to take the model rules of other states like Kerala and Delhi for the purpose of framing the guidelines/rules/regulations.

The issue came up during the hearing of a petition filed by a surgeon, Salil Patil, who was a resident doctor as a postgraduate medical student at the B J Medical College in 2012. A patient of liver cirrhosis, Jiviben Chavda, was operated upon by two surgeons at the Civil Hospital – Dr Hardik Bhatt and Dr Prerak Shah. Patel had to remain present in the operation theatre as a PG student and a resident doctor. He was not involved in the surgery. The surgeons allegedly forgot forceps in the patient’s stomach. She was troubled for five years. Finally, when the forceps was removed from her stomach, the patient died in 2017. Her husband lodged an FIR against the three doctors. They were booked under Section 304A of IPC for medical negligence.

Patel filed a petition through advocate Rahil Jain urging the HC to quash the charges against him. Since he was a student and not involved in the surgery, the HC has quashed the FIR against him. But during the proceedings, Justice Gokani found that there were no codified rules and regulations for the resident doctors, governing their duty list, service hours and service conditions.

The HC suggested that there should be guidelines for proper working conditions of resident doctors, but the government did not do anything. Finally, Justice Gokani ordered the government to frame rules and regulations for resident doctors regarding their duty hours, types of duties etc. for a better working environment which can add qualitative work in their postgraduate studies.

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Dr. V●●●●●●●a S●●●●a
Dr. V●●●●●●●a S●●●●a Medicine
Experience can also be gained without resorting to inhumane work condition. ... how can one justify of getting experience just in the name of working 24 hours..... I think doctors know well that human brains need to relax for functioning at optimal level
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Dr. K●●●●●e S●●●●●m
Dr. K●●●●●e S●●●●●m General Surgery
As a resident of general surgery faced lot of problems during my PG time.But strict hours of working is not possible to gain cases experience.
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Dr. V●●●●●●j D●●●i
Dr. V●●●●●●j D●●●i Legal Medicine
Generally, the more resident doctors work, the more they learn, they generally being learners in the field. So, as long as the sleep & pay are taken care of, the work seems ok, even thrilling, most of the times in terms of job-satisfaction & learning. However, the work-conditions in each medical college (& in different specialities) may not be the same, and so, these can be and should be discussed with their associations.... Read more
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