Frequent Farting Could Be A Sign Of Depression
Researchers have found that poor mental health can be associated with breaking wind, burping and being bloated. For the purpose of study, they quizzed nearly 6,000 people in the UK, US, and Mexico about their issues over 24 hours, as well as their mental health in the past week. 81% of adults reported breaking wind, followed by stomach rumbling (60%), belching (58%), and bad breath (48%).Survey participants were also asked about their mental health and emotional wellbeing over the last seven days. The scientists noted that the more gassy people also tended to report higher levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. This could mean that poor mental health was causing the gassy problems, or the reverse where people's embarrassment or worries about their gas was impacting their mental wellbeing. 83 % of Britons reported with breaking wind compared to 76% of Americans. The reasons for the marked differences in the amount of gas-related symptoms between Mexico and the other countries need to be investigated further and cultural, linguistic, diet or public health factors might affect population levels of gas-related symptoms, said the researchers.

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