Fruit Intake Reduces Risk Of Cardiometablic Diseases In Obes
A recent study revealed that increased fruit consumption has probable positive impacts on cardiometabolic risk factors in obese patients. Study included 21,270 participants (8,718 men and 12,552 women) and measured fruit intake at both the baseline and second follow-up. A linear regression model was used to obtain the beta coefficient and confidence intervals for changes in cardiometabolic risk variables as a result of fruit consumption. Researchers discovered that waist circumference, systolic blood pressure, and triglycerides were reduced in both men and women as total fruit consumption increased. Unlike males, women's fasting blood glucose levels improved with increased fruit consumption. Fasting blood glucose also decreased in obese but non-diabetic women. The blood glucose level did not rise as the amount of fruit consumed increased. It was concluded that a larger volume of fruit nconsumption, as well as an increase in fruit consumption, may have positive impacts on the cardiometabolic risk factors of obese persons.

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