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Ministry of AYUSH released the official guideline for AYURVEDA PRACTITIONERS for COVID 19. This Protocol for Ayurveda Practitioners is a guideline for the use of registered Ayurveda Practitioners only.

The draft deals with the symptomatology in these three stages:

1. 1st stage – Swasa-Kasa symptoms with Jwara (COVID 19 positive or negative with mild symptoms)
2. 2nd stage – Vata-Kapha pradhan Jwara (Fever) (COVID 19 positive with specific symptoms at moderate level)
3. 3rd Stage – Vata-KaphajaSannipatikaJwara(Fever)(COVID 19 positive with severe symptoms with respiratory distress etc. )

General Disclaimer:
• Physicians have their own discretion to select drugs based upon the stage of the disease, symptom complex and availability of the medicines in his locality.
• Physicians have to document the cases of treating patients in the format specified. (CRF)
• Drugs mentioned in the guidelines are to be used with caution during pregnancy.
• Dose for children should be adjusted according to age

Attachment document contains:
• Guidelines by AYUSH Ministry
• Case Record Form (CRF-COVID19)
• Ayurveda Examination format
• Assessment format
• Provisional Diagnosis format
• Consent Form
• List of Classical references of compound formulations

Note: This list is a brief compilation of some of the key recommendations included in the Guideline and is not exhaustive and does not constitute medical advice. Original guideline is attached as pdf.

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AYUSH doctors treating covid19 cases should treat till the end of cure.not refer back to modern medicine so also homeopaths. We will see the outcome.So far no effective medicine is available other than convalescent plasma in modern medicine also
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