General Aspects on Post Partum Care of Laparoschisis in Newb
Congenital abdominal wall defects in newborns in general are called “laparoschisis” or either “gastroschisis” and “exomphalos” when using their synonymes. If the abdominal wall defect is located on the right side of the umbilical cord and there is no sac or its remnants around the herniated viscera, the defect is subclassified further as “gastroschisis” (Figure 1). In the second type, called “omphalocele”, always a sac or at least some of its remnants are covering the herniated viscera (Figure 2). The abdominal wall defect is usually big(ger) and the viscera are herniating through the umbilical ring in any case. Besides bowel, herniated liver is found more likely in an omphalocele than in a gastroschisis patient.Laparoschisis has an incidence of 1:2000 live births. The sex distribution is male:female = 1.5:1 in omphaloces, 1:1 in gastroschises, respectively.“Laparoschisis” is considered as a failure in the embryonic development sequence when the physiological umbilical cord herniation of the viscera fails to return back into the abdominal cavity before the 11th week of gestational age...

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