General Medicine Case
Akhilesh  Manavalla
General Medicine Case
A 54yr old male patient came to emergency department with chest discomfort and he described as 'heart burn'. Pain is substernal and non-radiating. Also mildly diaphoretic. No history of Diabetes, Hypertension, High Triglycerides or coronary artery disease.On arrival he is resting comfortably with the following vitals. Heart Rate-56,Blood pressure-125/82, Respiratory Rate-18per min and unlaboured, Oxygen saturation 100% on room air, His ECG is shown below, Please interpret.......
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Dr. n●●a  p●●●●●●i
Dr. n●●a p●●●●●●i General Medicine
Inferior wall mi
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Dr. A●●●k G●●●●i
Dr. A●●●k G●●●●i General Medicine
A s mi wth hyper acute t wave get potassium checked
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