Genome sequence of SARS-CoV-2 decoded : GBRC
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In a major breakthrough in the fight against Covid-19, state-sponsored Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre completed genome sequencing for the virus. The scientists claimed that they have found three novel mutations.

Dr. C G Joshi, director of GBRC, said that a total of nine mutations were found during the sequencing out of which six were reported elsewhere in the world. “But three are unique to our sequencing. It indicates that the virus is mutating fast. Mutation depends on multiple factors and further study is on,” he said.

Dr. Joshi added that about 100 samples would be collected from across Gujarat. “The primary benefit is, we can apply multiple permutations and combinations in computer simulation to ascertain which drugs or treatment could be most effective against the virus, saving the time at the lab stage,” he said.

Some samples shared with the center for the study
Hareet Shukla, secretary (science & technology), said that some of the positive Covid-19 samples were shared with the center for study. “The results would be crucial to decide the drug strategy for the viral infection and develop a vaccine,” he said.

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