Getting all mixed up: The trouble with polypharmacy
People with complex medical needs might need a range of medications, or they may take one drug to counter the adverse effects of another. However, inappropriate use of several medicines can be both wasteful and dangerous. According to Health Research Funding, polypharmacy is responsible for 28 percent of all hospital admissions, and it is the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S.
Inappropriate polypharmacy can result when:

- A patient continues taking drugs that are no longer needed, or at a dose that is no longer suitable
- A drug is not achieving its therapeutic aim
- The combination of therapies leads to adverse reactions or interactions
- The patient does not follow the physician's instructions.

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Dr. H●●●●h D●●●i
Dr. H●●●●h D●●●i Obstetrics and Gynaecology
There should be some information-literature available for common drugs interaction i.e. antihypertensives & heart disease medications, antidiabetics, thyroid medications which patients are daily taking and analgesics,antibiotics,hormones which patients may require intermittently.
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