Giant basal cell carcinoma associated with vitiligo
This is a case of a woman with two giant Basal cell carcinomas (BCCs) on the back, the largest with 12 cm in diameter, inside a vitiligo plaque. They were metatypical subtype BCC associated with a nodular subtype area. Thinking of BCC in vitiligo lesion is extremely important.

A 65‐year‐old woman, housewife and born in Rio de Janeiro, refers a small erythematous macula on her back for the past 15 years. It evolved into a painful ulcerated lesion after 7 years that has been growing since then, recently with increasing speed. As auto‐medication, she used silver sulfadiazine intermittently. For fear of the diagnosis, patient never sought medical assistance. She has generalized nonsegmental vitiligo for 20 years and has never been submitted to phototherapy and had very mild sun exposure through her life.

At examination, we observed an ulcerated lesion with a vegetating basis. There was bleeding with yellowish exudate in the center and raised borders of about 12 cm in its largest diameter. A satellite erythematous lesion of about 3 cm with minor ulceration could also be observed to the left of the main lesion. Both lesions were located on a large achromic lesion compatible with vitiligo on the dorsum. Examination did not reveal any palpable lymphadenomegaly.

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