Giant invasive mole presenting as a cause of abdominopelvic
Invasive mole, a rare subgroup of gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD), is a highly curable and usually locally invasive form of malignancy. Invasive mole usually occurs in women of reproductive age, and is extremely rare in perimenopausal women.

Case report
A 51-year-old perimenopausal woman (gravida 12, para 12, abortion 0) was admitted to the gynecology clinic with abdominal distention. Her last pregnancy had been 12 years ago and had resulted in delivery at term. During the past 2 to 3 years she had suffered from oligomenorrhoea, with her last menstruation occurring 10 months before admission to the clinic. She had a 2-year history of spotting episodes (light, irregular bleeding). Contrary to the usual symptomatology, she had not had any other clinical symptom beyond abdominal distention and vaginal spotting. The patient had no history of contraceptive use or of GTD. Her blood type was O, Rh positive....
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