Giant primary pleomorphic adenoma of the lung presenting as
Pleomorphic adenomas, also known as benign mixed tumors, are the most common tumors of glandular origin in the head and neck and although they are generally benign they can undergo malignant transformation. Primary pleomorphic adenomas of the lung are extremely rare tumors with less than 40 cases reported in the literature by now. This is the first case in the literature describing overlapping with a traumatic event and also one of the rare cases describing primary adenoma of the lung reaching this impressive size.

Case presentation
We report a rare case of a giant primary pleomorphic adenoma of the lung presenting as a post-traumatic pulmonary hematoma. A 38-year-old Caucasian male patient came to the Urgent Trauma Center after being hit in the chest by a bull and, after a number of tests, was diagnosed with primary pleomorphic adenoma of the lung. Operative treatment was performed and the surgical excision was successfully done.

Our conclusion is that the surgical excision is the main treatment for pleomorphic adenoma of the lungs and we recommend lifelong follow-up and regular check-ups. Furthermore, we consider our case an interesting one due to its concurrence with the chest trauma and the dilemma about the optimal approach considering the entity could have been a large interlobular hematoma....