Giant soft fibroma located in labia majora - Pediatric Case
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Vulvar fibroma is a rare and the most common benign tumor that is predominantly found in women of reproductive age group. When located in the vulva, they occur more often in the labia majora and less frequently in the labia minora, clitoris, vestibule, and posterior commissure. In tumors of long clinical duration, ulcerations with superficial bleeding, often due to repeated trauma, are often observed. This case report describes a unique case of giant soft fibroma located in labia majora in a girl aged 03 years.

Case Report:

A 03-year-old girl with no particular history that is presented to our pediatric surgery department with huge mass of the left labia majora whose appearance comes at birth with slow gradual growth.

Physical examination
The girl had a good health condition, well developed. The left labia majora was increased size without inflammatory and scratching lesions, painless, without palpable inguinal lymphadenopathy. The rest of the vulva was quite normal.

Lab and imaging studies, histologic findings
An echo-Doppler coupled objective of soft tissue found a pseudo cystic fatty cellular thickening of the labia majora, avascular, with homogeneous content. The therapeutic decision was a surgical biopsy resection with reconstruction of the affected labia for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.Histological study shows the presence of a fibrous connective tissue hyalinized, edematous well vascularized compatible with a soft fibroma without evidence of malignancy.

The cosmetic result after three months is considered very well by the child's parents...