Glass intraocular foreign body removal with a nitinol stone
Glass intraocular foreign bodies (IOFBs) complicate up to 14% of all IOFB cases and require specialized instruments for removal. Here is a case of ocular trauma with two large glass IOFBs removed using a nitinol stone basket (NSB) designed for kidney stone extraction in the ureter and calyces published in American Journal of Ophthalmology case reports.

Case notes:
An adult male suffered a restrained motor vehicle accident. Radiographic computed tomography identified a 9-mm polygonal IOFB within the posterior segment of the right eye. A staged procedure was performed with repair of the ruptured globe followed by 23-gauge pars plana vitrectomy, pars plana lensectomy, and removal of the IOFBs using a NSB. At post-operative month one, visual acuity was correctable to 20/60. The retina remained attached and the patient was recovering without complication.

In summary, large glass IOFBs are poorly gripped by standard ophthalmic forceps due to their smooth surface, large size and irregular shape. The NSB is an effective instrument for controlled removal of glass IOFBs. Further customized design may adapt this device for additional intraocular procedures.

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