Glaucoma: The Silent Thief of Sight
Glaucoma is known as the “silent thief of sight,” because in the most common form, there are typically no early symptoms as the disease sneaks up on its victims, robbing them of side vision first and then, over time, zeroing in until it’s like looking through a narrow tunnel, and finally, taking away vision altogether.

The optic nerve acts like a data cable with over a million wires and is responsible for carrying images from the eye to the brain. When the nerve cells, or “wires” in the cable are damaged, the flow of visual information is disrupted. Unlike a TV, which might be fixed with a new cable, there is no way to reverse damage to the optic nerve.

In the most common form of glaucoma, called primary open angle glaucoma, nerve damage results from increased pressure inside the eye. This pressure happens when the fluid that circulates in the eye drains too slowly...