Glucagon Analog Stops Hypoglycemia Faster Than Carbs
Dasiglucagon, a glucagon analog approved for treating severe hypoglycemia, also appeared to be effective and highly acceptable for patients with type 1 diabetes with nonsevere hypoglycemia in a controlled, crossover study of 24 patients. The study design allowed participants to use the two interventions to not only self-treat an incident episode of hypoglycemia, but also for prophylaxis to head-off anticipated episodes resulting from impending exercise. Total carbohydrate intake fell by 11% during the dasiglucagon-treatment period compared with the control period. Some adverse events were more common during dasiglucagon use. Nausea was reported by 33% of people during the dasiglucagon phase and 17% during the control phase. Headache was reported by 42% during the dasiglucagon phase and 33% during the control period.