#GoBeyond: PlexusMD launches Management Internship for Medic
After the success of its first two batches with more than 250 interns, we are back with PlexusMD Management Internship 3.0 (https://pxmd.co/PMI3p1)

PMI is a virtual internship program where 2 selected representatives from each college get to work closely with each other and with the PlexusMD team and compete with teams across the country over 3 months on a variety of assignments and activities. The internship can be undertaken from your own city and requires an approximate commitment of just 2-3 hours per week.

- Build leadership skills
- A chance to win premium access on Medicine & Surgery course
- Opportunity to recruit other PMIs
- Free subscription to PMI newsletter
- Access to webinars on interesting topics
- Beta access to PlexusMD before every release
- Awesome swag kit
- Certificate & letter of recommendation

To know more about the Internship Program and apply, click here: https://pxmd.co/PMI3p1

#GoBeyond - Last Date to Apply: 10th March, 2019
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