Good news: Drugs in India just got cheaper.
Dr. Archana Shah
Good news: Drugs in India just got cheaper.
In a move that is surprising but welcome, the NPPA (National Pharmaceutical Pricing Agency) has reduced the prices of 54 indispensable medicines; the cut going up to 55%. This move, a repetition of an earlier revision that capped the prices of another 54 drugs, aims at ensuring that important medication, which is a major constituent of health expenditure, becomes affordable for a wider strata of people. The drugs include commonly used medicines for diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension and other heart disorders. Through a notice issued on Tuesday, manufacturers, distributors and retailers have been asked to implement the revised prices immediately.
With the imposition of ceiling prices, purchasing these critical drugs will not leave dents in people's pockets and the new prices will be a progressive step taken towards creating a cost-effective and accessible health-care system.

See the entire list:
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