Governing body of PGI okays plagiarism policy
New guidelines regarding plagiarism have been approved by the governing body of Post Graduate Institute of Medical Science and Research (PGIMER) to guide faculty members as well as medical students in the institute in ensuring that they do not fall into controversy in relation to the matter.

During a meeting chaired by Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare JP Nadda in Delhi, the governing body gave its final nod to the Academic Penalty and Conduct Rules for faculty members as well as students.

Under the guidelines, there are three categories — mild, moderate and severe. In case of the mild count, the erring researchers will not be able to do research for one year. In the case of moderate, they will not be able to present paper or do thesis for two years. In the case of severe count, a financial penalty will be imposed and the erring faculty member may be removed from the job.

The body has also got several instances from the UGC in this regard. Students found at fault may be asked to do the whole research again.

So will the other premier institutes follow?

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What is mild, moderate & severe about plagiarism? Seems a preposterous & ludicrous decision, chaired by the Health Minister. Plagiarism is Plagiarism there are no categorizations about it. Seems even board members have gone bonkers.
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