Government denies visa nod to doctor seeking to do research
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The Central health ministry has denied permission necessary for US visa to a potential postdoctoral scholar due to acute shortage of doctors in India. The doctor, who intends to do only research work to find the cure for blood cancer, has been denied the 'No Obligation to Return to India' (NORI) certificate which is required by the US government requirement to waive its obligatory two-year home residency.
In 2014, the Indian government banned the issuance of NORI except to doctors aged over 65 years to ensure that doctors return to India after completing their training or higher studies in the USA. But in the current scenario, the Bombay High Court clearly states that the policy is not applicable to the doctor, who is a research scholar and not a medical practitioner. He was also willing to give up his practising license to pursue research. But even after HC order to make NORI conditional, the ministry continues to deny permission.
Since the certificate was denied and his visa expired, the doctor returned to India in 2015 and is now a tutor at a college in Karnataka based only on his MBBS degree, not PhD...
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Truly unjustice
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Why would one serve for you, if u will do these injustice things. The whole Indian court and system is pathetic. Even they don' t give enough salary to doctors, and expect that the they will come in govt setup.
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