Govt appoints AIIMS' Prof Suresh Chandra Sharma as first chi
The chief of Delhi AIIMS' ENT head-neck surgery department, Professor Suresh Chandra Sharma, was on Thursday appointed the chairman of National Medical Commission, the new medical education regulator to replace Medical Council of India, according to a Personnel Ministry order.

The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has approved the appointment of Sharma for a period of three years or till the age of 70 years, it said.

Rakesh Kumar Vats, the secretary general in the board of governors of the Medical Council of India (MCI), has been appointed as the secretary of the Commission for the similar term.

President Ram Nath Kovind had on August 8 given assent to the National Medical Commission (NMC) Act, 2019, which provides for a system that improves access to quality and affordable medical education and ensures availability of adequate and high quality medical professionals in all parts of the country, among others.

The new law provides for setting up of an NMC in place of the Medical Council of India for development and regulation of all aspects of medical education, profession and institutions.

The president had dissolved the MCI in 2018 and a Board of Governors was appointed to perform its functions.

At least 72 applications for NMC were received by the central government.

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