Govt hospital doctor tests positive for Congo fever
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A third-year resident doctor of medicine department of M P Shah Medical College in Jamnagar, who is serving in the adjoining state-run G G hospital tested positive of Crimean–Congo Haemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) on Monday night.

A report from National Institute of Virology in Pune confirmed Dr Jagruti Parmar (27) to be CCHF positive.

This is at a time when three patients have tested positive in Ahmedabad’ SVP Hospital. According to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation officials, two of the patients who were under treatment at SVP are from Halvad and one is from Rajasthan. All of them, including Jamnagar’ Dr Jagruti Parmar (27), were confirmed CCHF positive by the National Institute of Virology.

The total number of CCHF patients in Gujarat has reached to eight, according to a Gujarat health department official. Also, three people have died in the state due to CCHF. According to officials 52 persons have been tested negative of which four were doctors.

In Jamnagar, Parmar was admitted in a hospital since past eight days where she was being treated for fever. Dr Nandini Desai, dean of M P Shah Medical College said, “She treated a patient who had symptoms similar to CCHF. However, before we could send the sample to Pune, the patient died. She too got sick and her report tested CCHF positive.”

According to Desai, Parmar was recovering and her condition was stable. The hospital also did line listing in which all the medical and paramedical staff who were on duty in treatment of suspected CCHF patients are checked and did a medical check-up of the family members of the patient who died. There has been one CCHF positive case and one suspected death in Jamnagar district.

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Police receive bravery awards when they risk their life to protect others. What' s for this doctor and her parents .... Their parents should be given an exgratia of 1 crore,and other govt respects if any miserable things happen . All doctors should be insured by the govt for ₹ one crore for deaths encountered during imparting our duties.
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