Govt to conduct telesurvey on prevalence of Covid-19
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MOHFW announced that it will conduct a survey to gather feedback from citizens on coronavirus. The survey will be conducted through phone calls. Citizens will receive a phone call from ‘1921’ on their mobile phones.

The government urged the citizens to participate in the survey and cautioned against pranksters calling from any other number than ‘1921’.

The survey will be conducted by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), Government of India.

Public are informed that:

• The call will be coming into mobile phones from the calling number 1921.
• Call is enabled in IVRS at number 1921.
• People can call 1921 and do a self-appraisal.
• 1921 facility will come in handy for people who can / are not using smartphones and are contacting through landlines OR feature phones.
• People are informed that it is a genuine survey and are requested to participate in a good measure when a call comes in from 1921 to enable proper feedback on the prevalence.
• Please be aware of any other calls by pranksters or phishing/fishing attempts from any other number

Source: MoHFW
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What sort of questions would be put up? Regarding people' s health and symptoms if any or about the government' s work in this pandemic?
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