Greater focus on self-care can reduce burnout, improve work-
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Medical providers can reduce work-related burnout by focusing more on self-care and work-life balance. more than 20,000 U.S. physicians, one in five doctors plans to leave medicine within 2 years due to COVID-19-related work burnout, including stress, grief, getting sick, feeling undervalued or underpaid, receiving less support or feeling overworked.

Medical providers can face several mental hurdles that may lead to stress and burnout. One is the superwoman or superman complex, is when a person tries to do too much with between work, family and extracurricular activities while ignoring their own self-care needs. Another is imposter syndrome, where a person internally believes they are not as bright or successful as people believe they are, despite having academic and professional achievements.

To promote self-care, providers should create a list of activities to reduce stress, such as therapy, meditation, music, nature and more. Researchers encouraged making time for these activities and revisiting the list when life becomes overwhelming.