Gross image of vasa previa restored in the postpartum period
Vasa previa is associated with high fetal and neonatal death rates. Most previous reports showed only two‐dimensional gross images. Therefore, published in the journal Clinical Case Reports, the authors present three‐dimensional images of the cord with placental images after delivery.

A 42‐year‐old woman (gravida 2, para 1) was referred to hospital because of ultrasonographic identification of type I vasa previa without a short cervix at gestational week 31. Velamentous cord insertion was observed, and the vessels ran along the anterior wall of the uterus.

No other obstetric complications were observed. A healthy male infant (2348 g) was delivered at gestational week 35 by elective cesarean delivery with uterine vertical incision without antenatal corticosteroid administration. No acute neonatal complications were observed.

The lower segment uterine membranes were not ruptured during the cesarean delivery, and velamentous cord insertion was confirmed after delivery. Water was filled to the placenta and membranes, and details of the vasa previa present during pregnancy were restored in a gross image.