Groundbreaking Innovation- Wrist Watch To Measure Blood Suga
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Good news for Diabetes patients. Very soon they will be able to monitor their blood sugar and lactate levels anytime just by wearing a smartwatch. Researchers are going to soon launch a cutting-edge, health innovation – a wristwatch that can check blood sugar levels from sweat in real-time. Moreover it's accurate, not painful, less expensive, and can replace imported equipment.

The research team has introduced the ultimate wristwatch that can measure blood sugar and lactate levels from sweat. This project has researched and developed a special yarn material that is biochemically modified to absorb sweat and is sensitive to blood sugar and lactate enzymes in a single device.

According to Dr. Natnadda Rodthongkam, Deputy Director of the Metallurgy and Materials Science Research Institute, "Medical reports indicate that the level of glucose in sweat is directly related to blood sugar. So, we used this finding to innovate a device that helps tell the patient's glucose level in real-time. This is very important to the daily life of diabetic patients who must regularly monitor and control their blood sugar levels."

"This special yarn transmits the obtained data to a test sheet inserted inside the smartwatch case to compare the measurement against a standard Calibration Curve. If the blood glucose is low, the color will be light, if high, the color will be dark, while the lactate value will appear even darker in color, "Prof. Dr. Natnadda explained.

Currently, the research team is testing the effectiveness of the watch on diabetics and weak muscles, with cooperation from physicians specializing in diabetes treatment and the Comprehensive Geriatric Clinic, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. After successful testing to ensure its performance, this device will be further developed to be used by real diabetic patients soon.

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